Cross-border services

In case you wish to practice your profession in the field of a non-regulated trade, you may provide temporary and occasional services under the same conditions as Austrian nationals (no notification is required).

In case your activity is in the field of a regulated trade  – your service can be provided temporarily and occasionally if (professional qualifications will be not checked):

  • you have a legal establishment in one of the above mentioned states with comparable regulated services that you would like to provide in Austria,
  • the relevant activity is regulated or
  • you have provided the service in the State of establishment at least two years during the last ten years .

In this case you have to submit a notification to the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (the notification forms you find bellow - in german language only).

Hours open to the public

Every Tuesday and Wednesday: from 9 am to 12 pm 
Civil Service - Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy,
Stubenring 1, Mezzanine Nr. 3
1011 Vienna

 Application/notification forms (in german only):

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